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Address ♯304-♯305 Osaka Norin Kaikan 3-2-6 Minamisemba Chuo ward, Osaka city, Osaka

Access Go out from Exit 1 of Shinsaibashi station and go towar...

Nearest station Osaka Municipal SubwayMidosuji LineShinsaibashi

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※If you say that you have seen our premium salon, we will send 10 meals to children in Africa.

Opening hours 11:00~22:00[Booking ...

Regular closing day Every Monday, every ...

We, at 02faNdesyoN/Minami namba create amazing experience from our studio with 4 seats.

Our salon might not look like a salon at all.

We designed the salon based on a studio in Chelsea, NY.

Sophisticated techniques of stylists are what we are proud of.

Our stylists create a hairstyle that suits your bone structure and solves any concerns you might have on your hairstyle.

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【NO.26】02 faNdesyoN


♯304-♯305 Osaka Norin Kaikan 3-2-6 Minamisemba Chuo ward, Osaka city, Osaka


Go out from Exit 1 of Shinsaibashi station and go toward Nagahori station (to the east) in Crysta Nagahori. Go out from the Nort

Opening hours

11:00~22:00[Booking is available until19:30]

Regular closing day

Every Monday, every third Tuesday

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Nothing available

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Number of seats

4 seats

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Comments from the store

We are serious in our profession.
We believe hairstyle is easier to set and looks more beautiful a while after a haircut than the hairstyles that are just created.
It's because the individual charm of hair start to show only a while after a haircut.
It's more important for stylists to decide how much hair they should leave than to decide how much hair they should cut...

We imagine what your hair would look like after several weeks and bring out the charm of your natural waves and flows of your hair. We know the moment to stop cutting.

A right before making your hair into the conventional beautiful haircut, bundles of your hair start to move. Your charm exists there.

But, if your haircut doesn't consider your natural waves, your hair wouldn't look as nice even a while after the haircut.
We, at faNdesyoN put more focus on cutting in the middle parts of your hair rather than the bottom of your hair. This is to create a hairstyle that suits the most to your facial structure.

There are bundles of hair that only we can leave or cut in order to create a haircut that you can only get at our salon.

It takes us around an hour to cut a customer's hair.
We make sure that you are more than satisfied with your hair cut, even if you have a lot more hair than normal or strong waves on your hair. You'll find it easy to set your hair and get excited with your new look.

Some people might think four seats aren't enough, but we believe that this is a good number in order to maintain the quality of our services.

If you are someone who doesn't like the hustle bustle of a salon, please try our salon. We provide relaxing time and personalized hairstyles.