gemHair Salon ,Kobe Sannomiya

【NO.46】gemHair Salon ,Kobe Sannomiya【HYOGO-KEN】

Address Kobayashi-build1F 4-10 Shimoyamate 3-choume,Chuou-ku Kobe

Access Go out Motomachi East exit and take a left on the mount...

Nearest station JRJR Kobe LineMotomachi

Reservations dedicated
※If you say that you have seen our premium salon, we will send 10 meals to children in Africa.

Opening hours OPENING HOURS 10:30...

Regular closing day Regular closing day ...

Gem always does better than anywhere for girls who want to be cute and boys who want to be cool.

Gem is a beauty salon popular with girls who want to be cute. We are good at be particular about techniques,and making styles easy to set.It is also a comfortable salon for students.Want to be cute! Female stylist Tanaka, Uzaki will support the girls who are not quite confident about themselves.

Recommended for The customer who with straight-hair, very thin and soft hair like a cat's hair, and who have never had a good permanent until now . Acidulous non-alkali digital permanent is Recommended

If you had a frizzy hair ,a disappointing hair straighteneing, a not natural-looking straighteneing, Non-alkali hair straighteneing will make you have a shiny straight hair.

You can see the difference in a few months. Become beautiful by gem’s cut.

「My hair is very frizzy,even though I had my haircut」
→Maybe you had a bad haircut

It may be difficult to style your hair because of hard hair or a lot of volime.
The hair will never be light withnot putting on a detailed deep shaggy.
The cutting technique of Raffine is a cutting method which one panel with dozens of strokes.It can keep a good hair style even after a few months.

Dressing of Yukata, Dressing of Hakama, Hair Set, Let's be cute at gem at the time of
the event.
Men's hakama , Yukata dressing will be accepted. (Male staff will wear it) Reservation required

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Delivering the latest information and hairstyles on gem 's Twitter, Inst, FaceBook Follow please.


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Good for
Good point
  • Point card available
  • By appointment only
  • Credit card available
  • Within a 5 minutes walk from a nearby station
  • Student discount available
  • Services for men available
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Management of customer records
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【NO.46】gemHair Salon ,Kobe Sannomiya


Kobayashi-build1F 4-10 Shimoyamate 3-choume,Chuou-ku Kobe


Go out Motomachi East exit and take a left on the mountain side . Go on the Sannomiya direction along the track (right) .When go over the signal and go forward for 1 minute, you will see the first 7-11 convenience store. Take a left on the mountain side go forward for 2 minutes. A red triangular door is a landmark.
a 3 –minute walk from JR, Hanshin Motomachi Station
a 4-minute walk from JR Sannomiya Station, Hankyu Sannomiya,

Opening hours

OPENING HOURS 10:30am-20:00pm (LastOrder19:00)/Sat.・Sun.10:30-19:30(LastOrder18:30)

Regular closing day

Regular closing day Monday

Parking lot

No parking lot

Available credit card(s)


Number of seats

Number of seats 4

Number of stylists

Number of stylists 2

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Comments from the store

If you never seem to feel satisfied with the results of your haircuts or coloring processes,please do not worry.
Like fashion!Like lovely things! Don't be nervous.Gem will help you become lovely,cool,a beauty salon looks like a hiding place. Many good hairstylists who have knowledge and experience of cut,color, Digital perm, hair straightening are here.

Please leave it to hairstylist TANAKA and UZAI

【gem’s Non-Alkali Digital Perm】
If you nner one-curl permanent,or straight hair permanent tend to fail, gem’s Non-Alkali Digital Perm is a good section.
Easy to dry, need not to style every morning. Please try the gem’s perm again who have never had a good memory of permanent .
We also post a large number of non alkaline digital perm works on hair catalogs