HIKARIS hair horie


Address 2F Yoshida building 1-9-9 Minamihorie Nishi ward, Osaka city

Access Go south from the exit 5 or 6 of Yotsubashi subway stat...

Nearest station Osaka Municipal SubwayYotsybashi LineYotsubashi

Reservations dedicated
※If you say that you have seen our premium salon, we will send 10 meals to children in Africa.

Opening hours Weekdays 11:00~20:30...

Regular closing day Every Monday

We are here not only to provide our services but also to share joy with our customers♪

We are not afraid to change.
Change is happening all the time at our store since we look for any change that can make our services better.
We would like to offer new trend from Hikaris to streets in Horie.
We want more fashionable people walking down the streets.
That’s our concept of the store.
We create the trend, not get swept away by it.
Our salon isn't afraid to be left alone. We value and support our original styles.

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【NO.10】HIKARIS hair horie


2F Yoshida building 1-9-9 Minamihorie Nishi ward, Osaka city


Go south from the exit 5 or 6 of Yotsubashi subway station. Walk into the Tachibana street (Orange street). Our store is on the

Opening hours

Weekdays 11:00~20:30 ※Perm or color booking is available until 19:30/ Weekends and holidays 9:00~19:00 ※Perm or color booking is available until 18:00

Regular closing day

Every Monday

Parking lot

A coin-operated parking lot is available nearby

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Number of seats

8 seats

Number of stylists


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Comments from the store

Our concept, at HIKARIS hair horie is "we make our customers look pretty and feel relaxed". We are popular among various kinds of customers with our warm relaxing atmosphere. There is always a laughter between our staff members and our customers☆
We only use hair products that are good for your hair in order not to damage your natural glow on your hair. Herbal-dyeing minimizes the damage to the hair and adds soft color. LOHAS color applies the same techniques. We also offer a new dying method, "Neutral color, which has the same PH as water.
Let's enjoy coloring without damaging your hair!

Let's experience Kerastase effects, which is popular among celebrities!

We offer hair and scalp treatment as one of the few exclusive Kerastase salons. Our services are for all those who value their hair! We also sell various home treatment products. Hope you try them out☆

Our popular "Majipa" makes your hair nice and airy... ♪

We invented "Majipa" based on the bone structure of Japanese people. It can be applied easily and add more volume to your hair.
You can use this perm to the top part of your hair.