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Etiquette at hair salons

1.Making appointments

①Make sure you visit the salon on time for your appointment. Otherwise, you might have to wait and end up taking a way more time than necessary for your desired service.

②If you want to change the date or time of the appointment, please contact the Kansai Premium Salon office via phone or email.

③Your appointment is confirmed by Kansai Premium Salon booking center. Please do not contact the salon directly. Please use the form on the website to book an appointment.

2.Visiting the store

①Leave your bags and other belongings with the staff at the salon. Lockers are available at some salons. Please look after your valuables yourself if there aren't any lockers.

②If you want to add or change the service that you chose when booking the salon, please let them know before you receive your service.

③Do not bring any food or drink into the salon. You can only eat or drink what the salon provides.

3.During the service

①Salons provide the place where various customers come for their services and also relaxation. Please do not disturb other customers by speaking loud or making a scene.

②When you are waiting in the process of perm or color. Please sit quietly in your seat. To avoid bumping into other people, do not walk around the store.

③Your stylist might suggest other service options. Please consider them carefully before agreeing to their suggestion.

4.After service

①Please note that the result might look different from what you expected because of the brightness and intensity of the color or the level of perm.

②If you have added a new option or purchased some product at the salon, please pay for them at the salon by cash or credit card.

③Don’ forget your belongings in the locker.