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  • What is Kansai Premium salon 100?

What is Kansai Premium salon 100?

We help you find your ideal place in our selection of hair dressers.

“premium” means rare value for users.
The rare value that we provide is the reflection of your identity. Our services help show the world the identity that has built up inside of you.

"Kansai Premium salon 100" is made to select hair dressers that bring out customers identities and put them on our website. At the same time, we create and send out beauty trends in the Kansai area.

Making your favorite hairstyle
Helping you find hairstyles that suit you the most
Helping you find your new style

Let’s find your ideal salon on "Kansai Premium salon 100".


You can search by the service and characteristics of hair dressers as well as the area and the station.

Your search result appears every time you change an option, which makes it easy to find your ideal salon.


Our website is filled with information of beauty trends such as interview articles of popular salons.

It’s a great way to find out the latest hairstyles and exciting salons from interviews.


You can see the ranking of hair salons that update their information the most on the top page of "Kansai Premium salon 100". There is also a ranking for hair dressers that have the most access.

The latest hairstyles that salons register appear on the top page.You can find out popular hair dressers and hairstyles just by looking at the top page.


"Kansai Premium salon 100" helps you find a hairstyle that suits you by the length of hair, image, age and a facial shape.

When clicking a hairstyle on the webpage, you can see the style on a bigger screen with its detailed information, the stylist, and the salon's information. It also says each salon's characteristics and specialties.


Kansai Premium salon 100 has a My page function where you can bookmark your favorite hair dressers. You can check out their latest information and coupons.


When you make an appointment through "Kansai Premium salon 100", NPO organization, TABLE FOR TWO INTERNATIONAL sends 10 meals to African children.