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Terms of service

"Kansai Premium Salon 100" is a website run by HSJ stars corporation.
By using this service, you agree to the “terms of service” written below.

1 [Definition of Kansai Premium Salon 100]

"Kansai Premium Salon 100" is a generic term that includes the search engine for hair dressers and other related services. Users of "Kansai Premium Salon 100" are responsible for the information that they provide.

2 [Scope of our terms of service]

Our terms of service can be applied to any service that Kansai Premium Salon 100 offers.

3 [Changes to our terms of service]

Our terms of service are subject to change without any notice under any circumstance.

4 [Change or sustention of our service]

"Kansai Premium Salon 100" can change and suspend our service without any notice under any circumstance. "Kansai Premium Salon 100" is not responsible for changes or suspensions that might affect users. Also "Kansai Premium Salon 100" doesn't guarantee the quality of our services. We do not take any responsibility for suspension and defect of the service, and also any loss or damage that is caused due to the suspension and defect of the service.

5 [Restriction of our responsibilities

"Kansai Premium Salon 100" is not responsible for the use of our service, which includes false usage. The same applies for the software, hardware or any other damage that is caused by our service. "Tottemo salon" is not responsible for people using or not being able to use "Kansai Premium Salon 100", and any damage caused by the service.

6 [Prohibited matter]

Users are not allowed to do the below acts.

  • Any rights infringement such as violation of registering and providing false information, copy right of the third party, trademark, the right to privacy, and portrait rights.
  • Mental abuse toward individuals or organizations
  • Any violation of laws, regulations, public order and morality and any act that has potential of these violations.
  • Providing information that is gained from "Kansai Premium Salon 100" for commercial gain.
  • Any act that interferes with the running of services on "Kansai Premium Salon 100"

7 [Search result]

"Kansai Premium Salon 100" automatically searches and shows the result of shop information on the website. "Kansai Premium Salon 100" only checks the content of the search for categorizing purposes. "Kansai Premium Salon 100" is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, integrity, legality, morality and copy right of the information of the search result.

8 [Copy right]

The copy right of the layout, design and the structure of "Kansai Premium Salon 100" belongs to HSJ stars corporation. It is permitted to use and reformat the website and the search results.

9 [Others]

In order to use the search service of beauty salons and browsing function comfortably, we apply the laws of Japan to the relationship between the users and "Kansai Premium Salon 100". Should there be any need for lawsuit, Osaka district is going to be our exclusive agreement jurisdictional court in the first instance.

1 July, 2014
HSJ stars corporation Kansai Premium Salon 100 office