Mashu Abeno nini

【NO.39】Mashu Abeno nini【NAMBA・TENNOJI・ABENO】

Address 2F Abeno NiNi, 1-5-10, Abenosuji, Abeno ward, Osaka city, Osaka

Access Go out from the exit 12 from the underground. Our store...

Nearest station JRYamatoji・Kansai Main LineTennoji

Reservations dedicated
※If you say that you have seen our premium salon, we will send 10 meals to children in Africa.

Opening hours ■Opening hours 11:00...

Regular closing day Every Monday

MN-75  【(C) Hitomi Hara】

Styling points

Adult silhouette also classic sharp movement. It is not too sweet and one-length bob. The color is not too dark ash color,the point to leave the gloss and softness.

Comment from the stylist

Hairstyle information

Title of the hairstyle










The length of the hair
  • short
  • medium
  • long
The amount of the hair
  • Few
  • Usually
  • Many
The touch of the hair
  • Soft
  • Usually
  • Hard
Natural waves of the hair
  • None
  • Somewhat Yes
  • Strong
The shape of the face
  • Egg-shaped
  • Round face
  • Surface length
  • Inverse trigonometric
  • Base type

(C) Hitomi Hara




Top stylist, Chief


9 years


Excel with this customer generation

Excel with these hairstyles


Excel with these services

Bodb style, long hair style


Cooking, make sweets,
Message form (C) Hitomi Hara
The complex to charm point. Weak point for customers, such as hair of worries and complex also immediately to charm point. Especially those hair trouble Everyone will be fashionable.
Other hairstyles that (C) Hitomi Hara has created
Shop information


【NO.39】Mashu Abeno nini


2F Abeno NiNi, 1-5-10, Abenosuji, Abeno ward, Osaka city, Osaka


Go out from the exit 12 from the underground. Our store is on the second floor of Abeno NiNi, which is next to Abeno QS mall.

Opening hours

■Opening hours 11:00~20:00(Hair cut) 11:00~19:00(Permanent wave/Color) 【Saturday】 10:00~19:00(Cut) 10:00~18:00(Permanent wave/ Color) 【Sunday & Public holiday】 10:00~18:00(Hair cut) 10:00~17:00(Permanent wave/Color)

Regular closing day

Every Monday

Parking lot


Available credit card(s)


Number of seats

16 seats

Number of stylists


Comments from the store

Abeno nini salon can provide all kinds of services: hair, makeup, facial massage, nails, and eyelash extension.
You can get various services to make your life fuller.
We do our best to help you become more beautiful!
We look forward to seeing you at our salon.
There are a lot of female staff.

There are a lot of female staff.

Our stylists are fashionable and funny!
You will be satisfied with the techniques and sense of beauty.

We are all nice and friendly. Please feel free to talk to us anything from your concerns on the hair to just chit-chat. You will feel comfortable at our homely salon.

We value counseling sessions

Girls talk makes you feel more relaxed... we hope to have a lifelong relationship.

Our thorough counseling sessions help us get to know you and suggest your ideal styles! All of our specialists come together and bring out the best of you. There is no need for you to worry about anything!