Interview with the manager of SUGAR SALT HAIR OASIS, Mr. Sato

SUGAR SALT is knows as their techniques that cause the minimum damage to hair such as straightening perm with a blow method. There are a lot of female customers visiting the store to get some help with their hair related concerns.
We interviewed the owner of the salon, Mr. Masahiko Sato, who has expansive knowledge on hair products.

── What is the policy of SUGAR SALT?

We always do our best to make our customers' hair pretty. This applies to the design of hairstyles and the condition of the hair. It is important to minimize the damage in perm and color services. All of the staff members are experienced and knowledgeable. We all work hard in the lead of me with 18 years' experience as a stylist and Mr. Yoshida with 10 years' experience.

── Do you have a strong preference of hair design?

Our main demographic of our customers are in their 30s and 40s. Our design is quite conservative but with some personalized touch. For instance, an impression of a hairstyle changes depending on the volume of the hair and the front hair style. We make sure we always make some changes every time so that our customers can enjoy their new look.
The hairstyles should be reproducible and easy to manage, since there are only so many times each customer visits our salon.

── What are the things you think the most important in providing your services?

First, we make sure not to damage our customers' hair. Our hair products are carefully selected and the staff members are well-trained. We offer various services, including the most featured treatment in the industry, "Little Scientist". Some of our customers come to get the treatment once a month. This speaks for itself.

Another point is to provide services that suit each customer's hair condition. We offer a variety of color services such as organic colors and stronger color products to meet every customer's needs.

── What are your specialities?

We highly recommend our straightening relaxing perm with blow finish. Normally, the straightening perm is done by stretching the hair using a hair iron, which breaks the protein inside the hair and damages the cuticles. However, our method doesn't require an hair iron. So, there is no damage caused by the heat.

Also we blow your hair with providing nutrient with treatment. There is no dryness or puffiness that is specific to straightening perm. If you don't like the look of straightening relaxing perm, your hair is prone to damage, or you would like to apply perm after controlling your natural waves, we highly recommend this service.

── What is your future plan?

Both of our stylists and customers are aging. It will become important to offer more anti-aging services. We would like our customers' hair to look beautiful despite their age, which can also make them look young.
It is our mission as stylists to make it happen. We are planning to provide more services in head spa menu. We continue to be our customers' "hair doctor" who solve their concerns and bring smile to their faces by producing hairstyles that can improve the condition of the scalp and hair.

Shop information




201 Estate Shinsaibashi 4-13-8 Minamisenba, Chuo ward, Osaka city, Osaka


Go out from the north Exit 12 of Crysta Nagahori and go to the north. Go past Vivian Westwood with it on your right. Keep on go

Opening hours

Weekdays/ Saturdays :11 am ~9 pm   holidays :11 am ~7 pm

Regular closing day

Every Monday/ the third Sunday

Parking lot

There is a coin-operated parking nearby.

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Number of seats

4 seats

Number of stylists


Comments from the store

We would like to make everyone's hair more beautiful☆

Our aim is to create your ideal hairstyle without any damaging your hair or your scalp.

We would like to make a hairstyle that not only makes you look pretty or cute, but also charges your energy.