Interview with the owner and stylist of Bouclettes, Ms. Kitagawa

Bouclettes has been providing favorable and sophisticated styles, which are favored by ladies with high-standard of beauty.
We interviewed the owner and one of the stylists, Ms. Mayumi Kitagawa.

── Can you tell us the concept of the salon?

One of the common requests is to get speedy, easy haircut that keeps its style for a long time. Bouclettes provides not only a variety of techniques but also detailed explanation on the process and the style. Our suggestions can get customers excited with their new hair styles.

We suggest hairstyles that are suited to each customer's bone structures and personality, which gives extra shine on their beauty. Our motto is to provide creative and professional services.

We don't want our busy customers to waist any of their time at Bouclettes. It's our policy to offer services that can satisfy our customers more than they pay for. We have been working hard in order to implement the policy.

── What is special about Bouclettes?

We value relaxing atmosphere at the store.
Our salon is situated a little far from the main street.
It has a spacious entrance with sophisticated furniture.
You can fully relax with nice music especially at our shampoo booth.

We offer various services such as head spa and treatment.
Treat yourself with our great services at the shampoo area.

On the 29th of every month we have Fashion Day. All of the staff members dress up for the theme of the month. The best dresser is chosen by the customers. We know many of our customers want to improve their fashion sense. Please feel free to ask if you need any advice on your outfit.

── How do the staff members at Bouclettes build a trusting relationship with the customers?

We, at Bouclettes keep on top of fashion trend.
We keep it in mind to find out what the customer really want to change in their hairstyle rather than suggesting a surprising hairstyle design.

We draw out what the customer wants their hairstyle to be and make it work, which helps to create a lasting relationship. Many of our customers go back to their favorite staff members who they have built great relationship with.

Each customer has their vice stylist. Even when their main stylist is not available, they can book an appointment with their vice stylist.

At the star festival in July this year, we had a talk session, tasty food stalls, drink service, workshops, and live events. Many of our customers enjoyed the event and interacting with our staff members.

── What kind of new information do you send to your customers?

We at Bouclettes decide three trend themes and upload our original hairstyles that suit the fashion on the trend on our blog.

We published our free magazines called "MONDAY", hoping to help our fashionable customers to become closer to their ideal selves.

── Do you have any message to your potential customers?

We are happy to answer any sorts of questions.
Our counseling sessions are given sufficient time and our customers are never being forced to take any additional service.

Hair designs and maintenance of hairstyles are always changing.
We select and provide the most needed information for each customer.
We as a team make sure that our new customers are satisfied with our pricing and services.

There is an area on the second floor, where our customers' children can have fun and wait. There are foreign picture books and art books. It can be a great opportunity for them to get interested in arts.

Shop information




ARAKI BLD, 4-10-28, Minamisenba, Chuo ward, Osaka city, Osaka


[exit 3 of Shinsaibashi station] Go north (the direction of Resona bank). Go left at the third corner at Okamura. Go past the se

Opening hours

Weekdays:11:00-20:00 Saturday:11:00-19:00 Sunday/Holiday:11:00-18:00

Regular closing day

Monday *we are open if Monday falls on a holiday.

Parking lot


Available credit card(s)

Available. Contact us about the kinds of credit cards.

Number of seats

16 seats

Number of stylists


Comments from the store

We would like to enhance various aspects of your life such as your beauty, fashion sense and health. We would like everyone who has an ideal image of yourself in 5 years.