Interview with the vice-owner of RAD Shinsaibashi

RAD opened as a luxurious line of POWERS Group.
They opened their first store in Tokyo at Ginza, attracting more attention. This time we interviewed the vice-owner of the Shinsaibashi store, Mr. Daiki Miyamoto on their secrets of their popularity.

── What bring you to open RAD?

The first RAD store, RAD Shinsaibashi marked its 7th anniversary in March 2015. We opened this brand because we wanted to create the latest trend at Shinsaibashi. The store is designed carefully. Even the arrangement of the chairs is done with meticulous attention. Our customer service and techniques are top notch, which have been appreciated by our more mature customers.

Customer service can make a big influence on the first impression of the store. We practice the skills by role playing in the morning meeting every day. It is important to listen to customers' concerns, explain the situation and suggest a solution. Following these steps in order is the first step to create each customer's ideal hairstyle. The hairstyles shouldn't be reflecting our opinions, but the customer's idea.

── What do you focus when you have your customers?

I believe our concierges play an important role in connecting the stylists and the customers in order to please our female customers. The concierges are specialists in customer service. Our new staff members develop from junior receptionists, receptionists, middle rank receptionists to concierges as they improve their skills in customer service, maneuvers and manners.

When customers come to our store, we ask them to fill in the counseling sheet. Based on the answers, our concierge ask questions on our service preference, and then our stylists and colorists conduct a counseling session on design. The double counseling with the concierge and the stylist is one of the seasons why our customers can have quality time at our salon.

── What are your specialties?

We have specialists in each service, such as nailists, eye stylists for eyes, eye brows and makeup and stylists for hair and colorists. The good thing about having this system is to be able to provide more specific advice for those customers who have in-depth knowledge on beauty. For instance, even when our stylist has trouble answering their questions on makeup, he/she can get the answer from our eye stylist. Also, the customers can get their nail, hair and eyes done at the same time. It can save considerable time, which can be used for other plans.

── What services do you recommend at your salon?

I'd say it's our head spa service. It has organic type and anti-aging type. We suggest the more suited option depending on the condition of the scalp, which can improve the condition of your hair and also your scalp.

Having colorists means that we can offer a better coloring service. Colorists can suggest the most suited color based on the personal characteristics such as skin/eye color and facial shape and also the trend. We hear happy voices from customers, saying "changing the color has changed my impression even though I haven't changed the length of my hair".

── What do you do to improve the techniques and customer service of each staff member?

Our stylists and colorists increase their skills by participating in contests of our brand or hair product makers. Our group contests includes Reception Olympic for our receptionists and Shampoo Olympic for our assistants. The winners of each section get their rewards at the end-of-year party. Also contestants are assessed on their presentation abilities, which can enhance the counseling skills.
As I explained there are various opportunities to perfect techniques and customer service skills. This is why all of our staff members are highly motivated. We all look forward to seeing you. Please let us help to look prettier at our salon.

Shop information




4F ROSE HOUSE, 1-19-20, Shinsaibashi, Chuo ward, Osaka city, Osaka


Go through Exit 2 of Shinsaibashi Station on Midosuji Subway Line. Go to ground level from Exit 10 of Crista Nagahori Minami. Go

Opening hours

Everyday 11:00~20:00(Cut・Perm・Color service booking available until 20:00)

Regular closing day

Open throughout the year

Parking lot

Nothing available

Available credit card(s)

All credit cards available

Number of seats

24 seats

Number of stylists


Comments from the store

Our stylists who have acquired comprehensive skills such as cut, perm and color suggest hairstyles that will maximize your charm. Our staff are always on top of the latest trends and techniques to provide the best service. All efforts are made for our customers’ beauty and happiness. We have customers of various age groups. It's not uncommon to see three generations of families coming to us. We are happy to help you enjoy your beauty.